No, ELDT is a light touch, non-invasive treatment done on the surface of the skin.

The answer is individual to everyone, as we all detoxify differently.
Varying forms of detoxification ie:
Nasal discharge          Extra thirsty
Slight fatigue              Slight nausea
Increased urination     Loose bowels
Skin rash                     Slight headache
Remember these are temporary and usually don't last for more than a day or two.

Benefits are also individual, as assisting the proper flow and
drainage of the lymphatic system will have a layered effect.
Reducing excess fluids     Improved elimination
Inflammation and pain     Increased energy
Immune deficiencies        Increased weight loss and cellulite reduction

Through a process called Inert Gas Ionization. Please see the description on my web page.

Yes, ELDT does not affect metal in the body ie: plates, screws, rods.
The only implants that are contraindicated are pacemakers and defibrillators.